28 V 2022, Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego, Warszawa
Piano improvisations on swing, foxtrot, waltz, oberek, krakowiak and góralski dance patterns / Aria for tenor with vacuum cleaner (together with Hubert Walawski) / "Sound abject" aria for tenor and live street noises (together with Hubert Walawski) / improvisation for typing machine and sampler with social media sounds (together with Hubert Walawski)    
Bandcamp digital album.

23 X 2020, Teatr Wielki im. Stanisława Moniuszki, Poznań
Ouverture for string quintet, piano and electronics / interludes for electronics and synthetic voice 
In 2005 Don Silencio (bass guitar, flute, electronics) met Long John Silver (piano/keys) and Joe Ullmann (drums). They recorded few tracks on brand new Roland Sp555 sampler.

They were limited on many levels. Long John Silver – unlike the one-legged hero of the Stevenson book “Treasure Island” – had both legs but his arm was broken, so he could use only 5-7 fingers to play his piano. Joe Ullmann did not accept loops for religious reasons so he tapped his whole patterns on orange buttons without quantization at all! Don Silencio was upset about shitty amplifier so he neurotically randomized the digital effects, pissing of his band members. Moreover from almost ninety volumes of Oskar Kolberg's works they had only three (Łużyce, Podole, Sandomierskie) from which they could draw inspiration. And Don Silencio self-made flutes did not tune well. They had no drugs at all, only few cigarettes and one, shared beer (Warka Strong).

Songs titles refer to the names of Slavic demons. Nobody knows why.

They have never met again since this one failed session.

After writing few unsuccessful theatre plays Long John Silver disappeared in 2008 (probably in Paris where Don Silencio tried to track him down for months). Joe Ullmann was closed in a...  more
released February 15, 2020

Conceptual mastering of irony and melancholy levels: Don Silencio
Cover design: Julia Kosek

Digital Bandcamp album. 

1 IV 2017, Scena Robocza – Centrum Rezydencji Teatralnych, Poznań
Live music for the performance, songs arrangements, bass guitar improvisations, composition for solo dance piece.

27 maja 2016, Republika Sztuki „Tłusta Langusta”, Poznań.
Bass guitar improvisations.

Babolband was a legendary, tropical-emo-punk supergroup (voc/ukulele, keys, violin, electronics). Concert-performances were played in 2007-2011, among others in Meskal Club, Pod Pretekstem Club (Poznań), at Studio Zduny Festival, in Harris Jazz Club and a former synagogue at Kazimierz (Cracow)
plakat Kasia Augustyniak
plakat Kasia Augustyniak
plakat Kasia Augustyniak
plakat Kasia Augustyniak
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