„Młyn Djabelski”, Instytut Teatralny im. Z. Raszewskiego, Warsaw, 2022, stage direction, scenography, music.
„Carmen. Toujours la mort”, Poznań Opera House, 2021, stage direction and dramaturgy.
„Don Pasquale”, Poznań Opera House, 2021, stage direction and dramaturgy. 
„Izolacja: Carmen, Don Giovanni, Don Pasquale”, Poznań Opera House, 2020, stage direction, dramaturgy, music.  
„Gwiezdnik” J. Kordaczuk, Children's Art Centre, Poznań, 2019, stage direction.
„Ofelia” J.F. Wojciechowski, Poznań Opera House, Poland 2019, stage direction. 
„Koncert dla zakochanych”, concert/happening of Part of the Kitchen Band, Poznań 2018, stage direction, performance. 
“Where are you, John Cage?”, concert/happening, Children’s Art Centre, Poznań 2017, stage direction.
„Klothó. The Thread of the Tales” M. Kosecka, HNK Rijeka, Croatia, 2017, stage direction. 
Presented also at Music Biennale of Zagreb/Croatia and at MuTh in Vienna/Armel Festival in Budapest. Broadcasted by Croatian National Television and ARTE TV.
„Die Fledermaus” J. Strauss II, Poznań Opera House, Poland, 2016, stage direction and dramaturgy.
„Ariodante” G.F. Haendel, Warsaw Chamber Opera, Poland, 2016, stage direction, dramaturgy, scenography and lights.
“Kafka/Schulz”, ballet, Poznań Opera House, 2015, dramaturgy and scenography.
„Pagliacci” R. Leoncavallo, Poznań Opera House, Poland, 2015, stage direction and dramaturgy.
„The Angel of the Odd” B. Coli, Poznań Opera House, Poland, 2014, stage direction. 
Presented also at F. List Academy in Budapest/Hungary and at Kudowa Opera Festival in 2015.
Leader of an experimental off-theatre group, playwright and stage director of all premieres, author of scenography and music, lights designer, producer:
“The New Vision: Exclusions, Acts and Sublimations” 2017
“Bacchantes: Laugh, Howl and New Eleusis” 2016
“Exorcists and Therapists” 2013
“Puzuk” 2013
“Geppetto’s heirs” 2012
“Exhumation of Water Hen” 2012
“Red Planet: Tiger, Assassinator and Dead Empress” 2011
“Incorporation of the Mummy of My Great-grandmother Margaret” 2011
“Seminars of Immanent Spring” 2011
-"Placówka" 2022, Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego w Warszawie - "Młyn Djabelski. Biografia dzieła zapomnianego". 
-Scholarship 2020, Minister of Culture and National Heritage – „ORFEO / NEW OPERA EXPERIMENT – LIBRETTO”. 
-"Scena Robocza", Centrum Rezydencji Artystycznych – „New Vision”.
-Scholarship for young artists 2013, Marshal of Wielkopolska Region – „Exorcists and Therapists”.
-Scholarships for young researchers 2012-2014, Adam Mickiewicz University.
-"Unikatowy absolwent" 2011 scholarship for best graduates, Adam Mickiewicz University.   
University of the Arts, Poznań
2021-present Research-and-teaching assistant at Department of Interior Design and Scenography 
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań
2011-2017 PhD candidate at Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology
University of the Arts Poznan
2019-present Study in English Program for foreign students:
– Propaedeutic of Theater Directing
– Dramatic Text Analysis.
2014-present Department of Interior Design and Scenography:
– Chosen Issues from the History of Theater and Drama
– Propaedeutic of Theater Directing
– Dramatic Text Analysis.
Artistic supervision of the student performances “Nie-Boska komedia” by Z. Krasiński and “Oresteia” by Aeschylus (2019, 2020).
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Music Academy in Poznan
2018-2019 Department of Vocal and Acting Studies:
– Acting Workshop
2019 Artistic supervision/direction of the student performance “Haunted Manor/Verbum Nobile” by. S. Moniuszko
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
2010-2015 Department of Drama, Theater and Performance:
– Aesthetics
– Actor’s Craft / Theater Etudes
– Theater in Local Communities
– Theater for Children
– Contemporary Theater
2014 Artistic supervision of the student performance “Vanity, Queer and Madness”
2012 Artistic supervision of the student performance “Actors Archives”
Children’s Art Centre in Poznań
2014-2019 Stage director and educator
– Stage direction of performative readings 
– Artistic supervision of youth performances
– Leading acting workshops for high school students
– Leading discussions with youth audiences 
– K. Cicheński, Figura i doświadczenie Autora w dramatach Tadeusza Różewicza,
„Pamiętnik Teatralny”, 3/4 2013 Warsaw.
– K. Cicheński, Dramat i performans. Wokół „polskiego paradygmatu performatywnego”,
„Zwrot performatywny w estetyce”, red. L. Bieszczad, Cracow 2013.
– K. Cicheński, Andrzej Falkiewicz – od człowieka teatru do człowieka teatralnego,
„Nie przeczytane. Studia o twórczości Andrzeja Falkiewicza”, Wrocław 2013.
– K. Cicheński, Doświadcze(/a)nie dramatu w „Teatrze niekonsekwencji” Tadeusza Różewicza,
„Nowe historie 03. Nowe Biografie”, Warsaw 2012.
– K. Cicheński, Poznańscy aktorzy na warszawskich scenach – nadzieje na sukces czy stracone szanse?,
„Kronika Miasta Poznania”, 1/2012 Poznań.
CONFERENCES (chosen lectures from international conferences):
– „Performative Records of Experience”,
International Interdisciplinary Science Conference “On-line/Off-line – Text and Experience” University of Łódź 2013.
– „Representation Crisis and Philosophies of Contemporary Acting. Theatrical research of Anatolij Wasiljew and René Pollesch”, International Conference “Słowianie, my lubim… teatr” Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 2013.
– „Towards Polish Performative Paradigm”,
International Conference „Performance Art Aesthetics”, Jagiellonian University in Cracow, 2012.
2005-2018 Vice-president of Poznań Theatre Initiatives Association
2008-2011 Artistic coordinator and producer, Nuova Foundation (Poznań Spring Festival, Poznań Live Festival)
2005-2008 Producer, ZAMEK Culture Center (EthnoPort Festival, Contemporary Dance Scene)
2004-2007 Producer, Malta Foundation (Malta Festival, Nostalgia Festival, Tzadik Festival)
2011 – 2017, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
PhD studies in the field of Theatre studies. 
2005 – 2010, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities 
MA degree in the field of Theatre studies.
2008-2009 Université Paris-Est Marne-la-vallée
Lettres modernes, as an Erasmus Programme student.
Assistant director of Graham Vick, „Paria” by S. Moniuszko (Poznań 2019).
Opera direction workshop at Opera Theatre Lab, Poznań Opera House, 2013-2014
Physical theatre workshops with The Living Theater (USA), Chorea (PL), Meyerhold’s biomechanics (DE), acting improvisations (FR) and others, 2005-2010
Traditional music workshops in Maison de la Bretagne (2000-2008).
Director’s assistant in Teatr Nowy (Poznań 2003-2004).
Drama and acting workshop by ASSITEJ (Warsaw 2003, 2004).
Youth theater creator (Poznań 2000-2003).
Child actor in Teatr Nowy (Poznań 1996-1999).
Polish (native)
English (fluent)
French (fluent)
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