Krzysztof Cicheński (1986) is a stage director, dramatist and intermedia artist. His opera performances were created and presented in Poznań and Warsaw (Poland), Rijeka and Zagreb (Croatia) and at festivals in Budapest and Vienna. Combining distant themes, stage conventions and literary genres, he creates original, interdisciplinary works – theater performances, happenings, installations or classical and contemporary operas. By directing various stage forms, he focuses simultaneously on experimental artistic activity and effective communication with the audience. He believes that each performance creates a community of mindfulness, commitment and understanding through affective impact, intellectual provocation or distance and sense of humor. These beliefs also influenced the shape of his own method of artistic research, cooperation and the development of creative personality.

In 2005 he founded an independent and experimental artistic group Teatr Automaton. After many years of workshops and creative research the Theatre expressed its artistic statement in 2011 at Spring Festival in Poznań. “Seminars of Immanent Spring” was a philosophical and theatrical commentary on Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”. Next premieres have been presented at International Theatre Festival “Maski”, Poznań Slavic Fest, NSK Festival and Stara Gazownia Festival in Poznań in 2011-2016. Religion, transhumanity, emancipation, contemporary art and humanistic discourse were the most explored topics of these performances. The last production of Teatr Automaton was produced as a part of Artist in Residence Program “Scena Robocza” in Poznań in 2017. “New Vision: exclusions, acts and sumblimations” was an installation of narratives, dance, live music and performance art inspired by counterculture movements of 20th century. By this show the group has achieved satisfying level of artistic fulfillment and therefore in 2018 it was decided to end its activity.

In 2014 Cicheński directed his first opera as a part of Opera Theatre Laboratory in Great Theatre of Poznań. “The Angel of the Odd” by Bruno Coli is a chamber, contemporary opera based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe. Next year, again at Poznań Opera House he made “Pagliacci” by R. Leoncavallo. In 2016 he directed “Ariodante” by G.F. Handel in Warsaw Chamber Opera and “Die Fledermaus” by J. Strauss II in Poznań. He worked as a dramatist and set designer on a ballet “Kafka/Schulz: revelations and heresies”. In 2017 Cicheński directed also a world premiere of an opera by Martyna Kosecka. „Klothó” was presented during Music Biennale in Zagreb and in Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka. Arte television broadcasted this opera during Armel Opera Festival in Vienna. In 2018-2019 season Cicheński had an opportunity to create an opera for children from the very beginning together with composer Jarek Kordaczuk based on the award-winning play „Gwiezdnik” by Katarzyna Mazur-Lejman. World premiere has taken place during 22 Biennale of art for children. In March 2019 Cichenski staged a contemporary opera „Ofelia” by Jerzy Fryderyk Wojciechowski in Great Theatre of Poznań and in May 2019 fragments of Stanisław Moniuszko operas in collaboration with Music Academy of Poznań. “Isolation: Carmen, Don Giovanni, Don Pasquale” is an experimental opera project that Cicheński created in Poznań Opera House – original fragments of three classical operas formed a philosophical and futuristic commentary on the pandemic year 2020.

In 2020 Cicheński received the scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as a librettist of an experimental opera project “Orfeo / New Opera Experiment”. In 2013 he was awarded the scholarship of Marshal of Wielkopolska Region as a playwright of Teatr Automaton’s show “Exorcists and Therapists”.     

Cicheński is also a sound artist. He creates music for theater, sound installations and electro-acoustic dramas. As a bass guitarist he played in several bands and as a flutist and drummer he was involved in many projects related to traditional music. He composed an overture and interludes for electronics, string quintet and piano in an opera project “Isolation: Carmen, Don Giovanni, Don Pasquale” in Poznań Opera House and independently released several conceptual and electro-acoustic music albums. Sometimes in these projects he uses self-made instruments of his own design.

For many years Cicheński has been conducting theater workshops and theoretical classes in aesthetics, theater history and dramaturgy at the Adam Mickiewicz University (2011-2015), the University of Arts (2014-2022) and the Academy of Music (2018-2019) in Poznań. His academic background is manifested in the method of artistic work that combines theory with practice. Cicheński attended the Interdisciplinary Humanistic Studies (2005-2010). By working as a producer, assistant director and dramatist with many international artists and groups he has gained extensive practical experience.  

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